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split tape w​/​slouch

by all dogs

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FARM 02:35
mid-autumn, the sunrise opens up your eyes but i'm taking my time, it's alright, it's fine when the day is full of air, and our eyes in the rear-view mirror our feet can take us anywhere if we only steer them there you are my brother, and you are my salt you are my other, and these are my faults i came alive in that little house wanna remember the path that we found when you are sitting there in the opposite chair there's no one around to hear so we'll sing it to the air you don't know what this means
don't be surprised when i tell you lies, i am not afraid to make you cry when every song about broken hearts is about my inability to love don't give me chances, i'll only take more i'm much more pain than you bargained for i want you, and you want me but i will fuck it up, just wait and see
and the river is gone from my shoes. i miss sittin' on the edge with you. and all the things that i let slip away. well, they keep coming back when i hear your name. what's left of us is not enough to carry, to keep me in your life. is that what you had in mind? so i want you to forgive me for all the things i made you think. but please don't forget all the times we made ourselves feel alive, like riding down the street that night. i just want that back, but i'll be alright. and your glowing soul lit up this town, i could not believe when you let me down. and you are so strange, so different, i just don't know what happened to what we had. was it that bad to carry? to keep me in your life? is that what you had in mind? so i want you to forgive me for all the things i made you think. but please don't forget all the times we made ourselves feel alive. and don't you forget all the things you said to me. did you really mean them? 'cause i meant every word i said, and i'll be right here until the end.
hung up on all the reasons this just doesn't make much sense. but when it's happening, it just doesn't seem that important. and at the end of the day i just can't help it. because it just feels nice to be wanted. and i just can't resist you, i can't keep my eyes off of you and when you say it's ok i want to tell you everything. i want to, i want to say "i want you." i want you to say "let it out." when i feel like i can say anything and it'll be okay. i've got this hungerin' and you've got so much to give. i know i'm acting stupid, i just can't control myself. but when you are around i just can't think about anything else. this is getting complicated. the balance is hard to find. but if i'm feeling it, you can bet it's on my mind.
DUMB 01:53
under the surface there is something else. i feel it pulling on my skin. there's a hollow that i need to find in me, search it out and fill it in. but there's always that old feeling in the back of my mind. that the things that i am seeking will never be mine. holding onto superstitions that i made up on my own. telling me that i can't possibly be fine when i've been wrong for so long. and i am dumb, i am no fun. i can't do it, i should just quit. but then i get that glowing feeling that grew when i tried to put faith in what i know that i can do, and in that quiet voice inside. then i am one, i feel the sun. she's on my back, i'm not going back and i can run.


released July 24, 2013

thank you gary for recording and mastering everything and being wonderful in general. thank you chelsea for making the art and for being a friend :)


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all dogs Columbus, Ohio

loud pop songs from the midwest/east coast

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