hung up on all the reasons this just doesn't make much sense. but when it's happening, it just doesn't seem that important. and at the end of the day i just can't help it. because it just feels nice to be wanted. and i just can't resist you, i can't keep my eyes off of you and when you say it's ok i want to tell you everything. i want to, i want to say "i want you." i want you to say "let it out." when i feel like i can say anything and it'll be okay. i've got this hungerin' and you've got so much to give. i know i'm acting stupid, i just can't control myself. but when you are around i just can't think about anything else. this is getting complicated. the balance is hard to find. but if i'm feeling it, you can bet it's on my mind.


from split tape w​/​slouch, released July 24, 2013


tags: pop punk Columbus


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